TISAR proposes

TISAR proposes the implementation of two parallel worktables, one institutional and one technical interacting with each other and with other worktables at European level, already defined to overcome the obstacles related to concrete implementation of a system favouring mobility. Thanks to the presense of technological partners.

TISAR proposes

TISAR proposes actual realization of a platform based on the European standards and adapted to local travel planning systems already detected during the definition phase of the project. The institutional worktable will deal with the dissemination of local policy discussions at European level, showing real results of information and integration.

TISAR project

TISAR project will raise a discussion over the theme of public transport data sharing and multimodal traveller information at political and technical level. The aim of the project is the implementation of an ICT platform where public transport and journey planning data will be merged and made available in the languages of the IPA Countries. The TISAR platform will give information on available public transport solutions combined in a seamless multimodal journey planning.
The project involves public authorities of different countries of the Adriatic region and 2 technology partners with strong experience in the ITS sector. The combination of scientific and technical expertise with the presence of institutional stakeholders will drive to a concrete discussion over one of the major issue at European level:
seamless multimodal traveller information
Such a topic is very relevant in the Adriatic macro-region as it involves an area where different languages, cultures and historic backgrounds are concentrated in a rather small territory. Today, there is no possibility of having in a single portal with all information to plan door-to-door journey within the area by using a combination of public/private transport. The reasons are not only technical but often due to lack of communication, agreements and rules both at local and international level on the sharing of data related to public transport.


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